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JVC Headrest Speakers, Mk1
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JVC Headrest Speakers, Mk1

JVC Headrest Speakers, Mk1

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by David Mock
Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2007
Fitting Notes for MX-5s without existing headrest speaker wiring.

These speakers are intended for early Mk I MX-5s and Eunos Roadsters with standard seats with integral headrests, approx 1990 to 1995.

For all MX-5/Eunos Roadsters: A small amount of foam padding had to be removed from each headrest to accommodate the larger than standard speakers. If you already have speakers in the headrests, simply remove the old speakers and use the existing wiring for the new ones.

For UK Specification MX-5s: Both plastic headrest covers had to be drilled to allow speaker sound quality. They were drilled in the standard 7 x 13 format used for the standard headrest speakers. Also there is no standard headrest speakers wiring fitted on UK Spec MX-5s so this has to be added when fitting the speakers. This is not difficult but will add considerably to the fitting time.

Each seat can easily be removed by undoing the 4 x 14mm mounting bolts with a ½”-drive socket set.

The speakers must be fitted in series. Head Unit Right Channel + to (+ terminal) Right Speaker in Right Seat (- terminal) connected to Right Speaker in Left Seat (+ terminal) then (– terminal) back to Head Unit Right Channel -. Then Head Unit Left Channel + to (+ terminal) Left Speaker in Right Seat (- terminal) connected to Left Speaker in Left Seat (+ terminal) then (– terminal) back to Head Unit Left Channel -. It sounds complicated but if you plan it out and have all the connections near the audio head unit it’s not so bad!

Run the wiring down the back (beneath the seat cover) then under each seat. A 4x connector is used under the front of each seat to ease future seat removal. Then under the carpet (there’s a slit in the carpet between the seat front mounts) to a new 8x connector situated in front of the gear selector at the base of the center console. I used this connector to sort out the “in series” connections using jumper wires from the – cables from the right seat to the + cables in the left seat. From this new connector it was easy to connect to the speaker multi-plug at the back of the audio head unit.

I found that I needed slightly more speaker cable than the 2m lengths supplied with the speakers. Black amalgam tape was used to tidy the speaker cables where there is a threat of damage or where they are exposed.

On my car the speaker multi-plug behind the audio head unit was wired for the door speakers with jumper wires to the unused pins (for the rear left and right channels). With some fiddling with an unbent paperclip the locking tabs for each connector in the multi-plug can be depressed and the connectors removed and repositioned. Cut the jumper wires close to their connection with the wires for the front channels and then splice the rear channel speaker wires to the cut jumper wires and refit in the multi-plug to match the output channels from your audio head unit. Other cars may have more bespoke wiring for the speakers, in which case follow the wiring diagrams for your audio head unit.

The seat mounting bolts were lubricated with Copperease prior to replacement.

An interesting exercise and still worth it for the improvement in sound quality that 160w speakers give over the 5w originals.

N.B. Once fitted the JCV speakers push the headrests forward about 10mm from the rest of the back of the seat. People with long backs may find this annoying.

Good in combination with the Maystar Door Speakers. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 102 Reviews]

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