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Hood Drain Cleaning Brush, All MX5 Models
Hood Drain Cleaning Brush, All MX5 Models
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by Ian Ellison
Date Added: Monday 05 March, 2018
5 of 5 Stars!
Great product. Used for my Mk3.
Despite following on line guidelines, just could not locate into drain hole.
Needs must and as the carpet behind drivers seat wet, being caused by them being blocked used OPTION 2 ( my own)--
Rodded both drain holes in reverse.
Obviously hassle as your under the car, plus cover flaps were flipped out with small stubby screwdriver.( small sacrifice)
Easy then to feed and push brush through.
You can feel and hear it enter the hood area.Stop ,then pull out.
I followed this with washing through using garden pressure sprayer directly into drain zone at the hood hole.
Bingo, water poured through, much to my relief,
Shall make sure I wash these drain hole through once a month with my garden pressure washer.
Need a dry hot day to dry those carpets.
Hope this helps anyone who suffers the same problem.

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