Five things to buy for your new Mazda MX5 Mk4 - MX5 Parts Info
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Five things to buy for your new Mazda MX5 Mk4 - MX5 Parts Info

The MX5parts MK4 Dual Exit Centre Exhaust

If you’ve just taken delivery of a stunning Mk4 (ND) here’s our top 5 things you should get your hands on

  1. Planning a trip? No MX5 is known for its boot space so you need to make the most of what’s there. This fitted luggage set from IL Motorsport comprises three bags tailored to fit the Mk4’s boot and maximise your carrying capacity while travelling in style.
  2. Want a little more attitude and sound from your Mk4 MX5? A sports exhaust system is an affordable and effective way of achieving it, a replacement rear silencer liberating a little more sound. Various configurations and designs are available, including an MX5 Parts system with factory style twin tips fitting the standard bumper or a centre-exit design for a more eye-catching look.
  3. An induction kit offers a classy way to change the sound of your car and improves response and power delivery too. Various options are available, including the Skuzzle TorqIntake Induction Kit and high quality Pipercross carbon air box and induction system.
  4. Like all MX5s, Mk4s ride a little high as standard and can be improved visually and in handling terms with a set of lowering springs. This high-quality set from respected manufacturer Eibach reduces the ride height by as much as 30mm, improving the car’s stance and roadholding without compromising ride comfort.
  5. All MX5s have a superb gearshift and the Mk4 is no exception, the short-throw lever offering the driver a direct connection with the engine and transmission. Give your new car a personalised touch and the gearshift a new sense of tactility with this smart-looking aluminium gearknob.

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