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Interior Light Set, Chromed, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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Interior Light Set, Chromed, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

Interior Light Set, Chromed, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

£30.67 inc Vat
by Phil Simpson
Date Added: Sunday 09 October, 2011
These are my translated instructions if anyone wants them. The translation still leaves a few wierd words but I done the job from this.

NOTE: Translated from German and modified for a RHD car.

Open the glove box (Fig. 1a) and pull the right side of the glove compartment so it loosens it, then you can remove the glove box.

There are various ways to the center console, the cables placed on the passenger side. With a glance through the opening of the glove box.

The original covers on the center console can be levered out with a screwdriver. (Figure 2)

Insert the supplied cable side by side and look for the color and type of connectors. (Male Twin Fem.)

You start on the passenger side with the two doubly occupied Fem Connector, the single occupied Fem Connector should be fed through to the driver's side. This is the difficult part of the installation and requires a little patience. (Figure 3)
The two doubly occupied Fem. Connector to remain at the opening for the new lighting on the passenger side.

The cable with the connectors, you can hang out in the driver's side footwell. The two cables are now being placed on the lamps at the appropriate slots to the terminals. (Figure 4)

The wired now complete interior lighting, use snap on both sides in the extracts can be provided for that purpose. (Figure 5) (I reversed the lenses in the chrome frames to be able to fit properly.)

If the lighting is installed, you can now proceed to the final electrical connections. For the next steps you need to get into position so that you can look at the passenger side through the glove box area, this is advantageous from a small flashlight.

Locate the plug from the original interior lighting. He is sitting on the left side wall is approximately 4cm long and 1.5cm wide. (Fig. 6)

For this plug there are two cables, a red with white stripes and a blue with red stripes. Remove the plug from its socket.

At each of these cables are the solution to a current thief (Fig. 7). Now connect the red wire with the white with red stripes and the black wire to the blue with red stripes. Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

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