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JVC KD-R671 iPod/Phone CD Head Unit
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JVC KD-R671 iPod/Phone CD Head Unit

JVC KD-R671 iPod/Phone CD Head Unit

£74.95 inc Vat
by Jonathan Smith
Date Added: Thursday 27 January, 2011
I bought this unit for my Mk1 roadster to replace it's native Japanese unit (would only tune in radio 2!) - and the CD was starting to jump, plus I have recently put my music on an ipod.
I also chose it because it has the option of green illumination to match my Mk1 dash. You can change it to pretty much anything, mine is a mix of Orange and Pink currently.
It charges the ipod when connected - and works well with it - except you have to perch the ipod somewhere, and remember its connecting cable. I actually prefer to have a good selection of music on a large capacity (but small sized) USB key - sorted. You skip through floders/albums using the up/down keys - and skip through tracks using the left/right keys (control is a bit on the small side - but I have got used to it). Important to keep your eyes on the road - not the stereo of course!
I was also hoping the unit would produce a deep rich bass - it has plenty of power and sounds fantastic - but at higher volumes it is really showing up my speakers as the rubbish they really are - so I'm planning to fit some better speakers and proper dampening material for a better bass response. At one stage I was thinking about getting a separate power amp - but I with properly installed speakers and this unit, don't think i'm going to need it.
The EQ is very good by the way - you can easily change the bass/mid/and treble if you want to.
The unit is expandable - it seems you can add extras like DAB/Bluetooth later if you want.
Overall, I think its a brilliant unit and very good value - highly recommended. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 5.0 of 5 Stars! [After 2 Reviews]

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