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JVC Japanese Radio Upgrade Bundle, MX5 Mk1
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JVC Japanese Radio Upgrade Bundle, MX5 Mk1

JVC Japanese Radio Upgrade Bundle, MX5 Mk1

£99.38 inc Vat
by Alan Gossedge
Date Added: Wednesday 18 August, 2004
Well,.. My girlfriend brought this for me after constant nagging that the old one is just not up to scratch anymore. I was delighted and went to work installing. I did have a few problems as I was unsure how the stereo connected to the centre console. I tried to use the old brackets and you may be able to guess what happened there! After a quick phone call to the guys at MX5Parts, they told me exactly where I went wrong and that was it. Stereo fitted and working.

The good points,...

1) The sound is great.
2) The look is 'kinda good' (look at bad points)
3) The radio never misses a beat!!
4) The MP3 player works fantastic!!! 9 albums on 1 CD!! Who needs a box in the boot???

The bad points,...

1) The plastic silver surround that is supposed to hide the metal cage bits that stick out does not do a good job. I can still see the little metal lips poking through.
2) The Dimmer that works with your lights is no longer connected through the converter that is supplied. I may take time out to find the wire and reconnect but it looks good as is, day or night.
3) The electric aerial now comes up when ever the stereo is powered on. My old Jap one would only bring up the aerial when the radio was used, it would drop it again if the CD was selected. A feature I will miss.

Overall, A good buy. I would suggest that someone at MX5Parts take a moment to write an A4 page of simple instructions on how to installed the stereo to a roadster. The instructions that are supplied are universal and do not explain clearly how to mount the set.

Editors Note:

On the 'bad' points,
1, I don't quite understand this, I have one fitted to my car and the trim covers the mounting cage perfectly
2, The unit is equipped with a dimmer but you do need to enable it. Please refer to the users manual!
3, I am afraid that 99% of aftermarket stereo's do this (as pointed out by another customer, it is probably to allow the RDS function to 'listen' for traffic announcements while you are playing a cd).

Probably the only fitting point that needs mentioning is that the cubby box fixes to the centre face plate, NOT the cage behind it and similarly with the radio, do not fix it to the old jap redio frame, fit the new supplied frame to the centre face plate/cubby box assembly. Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 23 Reviews]

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