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Koni Sport Kit, MX5 Mk1
Koni Sport Kit, MX5 Mk1
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by Christopher Malings
Date Added: Friday 18 January, 2013
3 of 5 Stars!

I didn't purchase this kit from MX5parts (eek sorry!) but as I have bought quite a lot of bits from MX5parts over the past few years I'd like to add my comments for the benefit of other potential purchasers.

I accidentally broke one shock when fitting as you need to use a deep well socket on the top nut to avoid knocking the top of the (rather delicate) adjuster nib atop of the shock when fitting. There were no signs of damage but the fluid did leak out which was a pita.

You will need to drill out the top mounts to 12mm and i recommend a decent cobalt drill bit and some cutting fluid/spray - got mine from a well known tool shop.

My 'twin hook' type spring compressors were made for a wider diameter spring so didn't fit too snugly - thankfully i had friend's single hook type compressors to assist. A vice proved handy.

The front is on the highest setting and is lower than i expected/wanted. The top of the tyre is level with/pretty much touching the arch - It's hard to remember but I'd say about 5cm difference. I do ground on speedhumps and the front my chassis rails are often scraped. I did also change the front bushes to poly which might make a difference, but it seems unlikely.

The rear end is a different matter, being on the middle perch and not much different from standard. I intend to move to lowest setting but i recall it's only around 5-7mm difference, so the car will still be nose down.

Having been under the car a while ago whilst on lift, i recall that one or two of the springs are bowing, which is disappointing.

The ride is hard and the softest shock setting is still firm. I do have a basic interior though, which doesn't help and front poly bushes.

The car handles well and they are still fine after about 18 months and perhaps 5-6,000 miles.

All in all i think that the quality is ok, bar the sagging, but the set-up and perch heights aren't right. In america they seem to come with different springs and i wonder if they are the rights ones....anyway, sorry to put a negative spin on this product but it's only fair in my opinion

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