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Fog Lamp, Standard Aftermarket Rear, MX5 Mk1
Fog Lamp, Standard Aftermarket Rear, MX5 Mk1
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by Adrian Fethney
Date Added: Monday 02 April, 2007
3 of 5 Stars!
This thing is made down to a cost, either that or I really am the idiot I currently think I am. If you get one of these and think (as I did) you are missing the bulb mounting, be aware that the angled metal bracket inside the unit IS the bulb holder. Not like anything I have ever seen before but effective once you realise you need to push the bayonet (firmly) through it and contact is then made with the spade connector behind it (bottom left corner).

The item itself serves the purpose admirably & cheaply if you a looking for something simply to satisfy the VOSA MOT rules. If you are looking for a replacement MX5 fog lamp, the OEM Mazda part will set you back around 10x more but will come with all you need and useful instructions too, I presume.

On my '94 Mk1, there is no easy or obvious way to fit this alternative unit where the original one (with its mounting literally disintegrated with rust) currently sits. Though the suggestion I have seen to bolt this one on the rear tie-down hook seem ‘doable’.

If you are here because you are suffering from a disintegrated original Mazda fog lamp mounting brackets but working fog lamp, you might consider trying this. Drill 2 v. small holes in the plastic surround of the original protective lamp cover and just into the old lamp itself. Then hold the unit in place with a couple of tiny screws, like those from the battery cover of a child's toy.

Richard at the end of the Sales e-mail address and phone line deserves the 5* and a medal for dealing with idiots like me and for the repeated speed/usefulness of his support calls to clear this little misunderstanding up. The unit however gets 3* for serving its design purpose, which please note is not as a direct replacement. Best online retailer I have ever dealt with !!