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Fog Lamps, MX5 Mk3
Fog Lamps, MX5 Mk3
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por Dave Perry
Data de introdução: Quinta 15 Dezembro, 2011
5 em 5!
Great product, 40 mins for the first side, 30 mins for the second (I had the wheels off to fit winter tyres anyway) just remove lower arch liner - definitely no need to take off bumper. Took longer to disconnect the battery and readjust the clock than to fit the switch (top steering cover just pulls off upwards). They look superb and bezels appear to be preadjusted - IF you think you MAY want to be able to adjust them then removing the lugs from the bezel (as detailed in the comprehensive Mazda instructions) before fitting into bumper will make life easier.
Great fitting info and pictures in MX5OC December 2011 magazine.

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