MX5 Parts Spares - Product Review For - Mk1 MX-5 caja de cambio y freno de mano 1989 1998, Mk2 2.5 MX-5 caja de cambio y freno de mano 1998 2005, MX-5 recorte interior para Mk2 2.5 1998 2005, MX5 recorte interior para Mk1 1989 1998 - Leather Gearlever Gaiter, MX5 Mk1 2 2.5
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Leather Gearlever Gaiter, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
Leather Gearlever Gaiter, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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por Tony Draper
Fecha Alta: martes 31 enero, 2017
2 de 5 Estrellas!
MX5 parts are great on delivery and this came quickly and straight into my postbox in a jiffy bag so I didn't need to be home - excellent.

Unfortunately have to echo what others have said here - holes in completely the wrong place to fit my 1998 Mk2. Had to get the craft knife out to cut some holes, while leaving two corners unattached.

The original gaiter in the car also has a glued-in O-ring to keep the top opening tidy, but this lacks that. Again, a small touch which would make all the difference but lacking it makes it seem like a poor replacement.

Nice quality leather though. Smells lovely...

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