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Leather Original Style Gearknob, All Manual MX5 Models
Leather Original Style Gearknob, All Manual MX5 Models
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by Mark Cullen
Date Added: Thursday 30 November, 2017
4 of 5 Stars!
I bought this in red along with the red handbrake handle.

It is pretty similar to the bog standard black plastic gear knob, which is nothing to complain about really. I don't mind the bog standard one. It's just a bit ugly when it goes shiny black with age.

Similar weight: standard was 200g and this is supposed to be 175g.

Dimensions look roughly the same. It looks basically like a standard knob which has had some leather stitched around it.

The thing that *really* let this down for me, however, is that the handbrake handle cover and the gear knob are a very different shade of red, even though they are both IL Motorsport items!

The gear knob is a much lighter (not as nice) shade of red. The handbrake handle cover is a very similar red to the MK2 Limited Edition half red leather seats I have.

I'm not sure if that's normal - it seems a bit ridiculous to me that the shade of red used is different when both items are from the same company. Here's (hopefully) a link to a picture of both together:

There's nothing wrong with it otherwise, but purely for that and the fact I'm probably going to have to try dying the gear knob a bit darker red eventually, I'll have to knock it down a star... tempted to knock two off....

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