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Lightweight Indoor or Outdoor Voyager Car Cover, All Models
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Lightweight Indoor or Outdoor Voyager Car Cover, All Models

Lightweight Indoor or Outdoor Voyager Car Cover, All Models

£54.05 inc Vat
by lien dang
Date Added: Monday 05 January, 2004
Bought this for my new mx5 angels. Arrived reasonably quick and fits well. However after a few day of damp weather (95% of UK winter) there was a significant amount of water under the cover, both on the hood as well as the body. Not sure whether this was because of "condensation" or just water seeping through the fabric, but it doesn't seem to get dry whilst the cover is on. To get the cover dry took me over a week as need to (i) dry out the cover and also (ii) wait for car to dry so that can re-use the cover. It was all such a hassle in the end that it wasn't worth using it in winter - which defeats the objective somewhat.

Looks good though, although I still want my money back.

Editors Note:

This is not a 'waterproof' cover, it is designed to allow a certain amount of water through. If you think of it more like a 'showerproof jacket' rather than a 'raincoat'! The idea is that it protects the car from dirt, droppings, tree sap, sand, sunlight, prying eyes etc. Being only showerproof also allows the car to breath much more easily than under a waterproof cover which is far better for the paintwork.

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