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Luggage Straps, Tan Leather, Set of 3
Luggage Straps, Tan Leather, Set of 3
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by Kelvin Kellond
Date Added: Friday 26 September, 2014
1 of 5 Stars!
I purchased a set of these Luggage Straps as part of a combination of kit comprising the Straps, a Luggage Rack and an Aluminium Case for our Mk3.5.

While the Luggage Rack is very good the rest of the kit is a total shambles.

The much vaunted Aluminium Case is in no way water resistant and the supports that are supposed to fit on the rack to protect the aluminium are not available so I had to make my own. I have also had to have a cover made for the Aluminium Case so as to prevent rain entering via the locks.

The leather Luggage Straps stretch considerably when wet and are needlessly complicated to fit and remove as referred to in other reviews so I won't detail the saga here. The fix is to acquire some 30mmm wide "D" rings, high duty nylon hooks and 8mm shock cord from yacht chandlers. With these items a quick release, self tensioning arrangement can be made up for the ends of the straps.

Sadly the whole paraphernalia (excepting the rack itself) is clearly fine weather only kit and that I'm afraid, in English conditions, is about as much use as a sick headache!

However, if you are keen on DIY, have plenty of time available and I guess many MX5 owners are in this position, you'll be in your element with this lot!