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Mazda MX5 Mk2.5 Front Fog Lamp (Cibie) Later Sport Models
Mazda MX5 Mk2.5 Front Fog Lamp (Cibie) Later Sport Models


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was £199.28
by Neil Porter
Date Added: Wednesday 28 July, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent, standard part delivered next day. Thanks MX5 Parts!

My light had smashed somehow on my 2005 Icon and my local Mazda garage had quoted me £187 to replace it so I've just saved myself £70. They told me I needed part no. NE0151680A and this looked exactly like it.

When it arrived, it said official part on the packaging and had the right part no, more confirmation that this is the right one.

I'm not the most practical person but I managed to swap the light out in about an hour. What I did was to unscrew and unbolt the wheel arch lining to get to the lamp. There still wasn't much room to work so I jacked the car up.

Next, there is a bracket that the light attaches to with 3 screws. I got carried away and unscrewed the light from the bracket and the bracket from the car. You can save a bit of time by only undoing the 3 screws that are towards the back of the lamp and more towards the inside. Push a flat head screw driver into the power plug and it will release.

Tools used: medium sized philips screwdriver, socket set with size 8 socket and a small flat headed screwdriver.