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Mazdaspeed Sports Spring Set, MX5 Mk3
Mazdaspeed Sports Spring Set, MX5 Mk3
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by Gareth Paterson
Date Added: Tuesday 09 May, 2006
4 of 5 Stars!
These springs drop the car by 34mm front and back, not the originally quoted 90mm.

For the full spec have a look at the 2006 Mazdaspeed accessory brochure:

Page 6 - Part No. GRMS-8M-D17

So if you are looking for the low, low down look then these are not the springs.

That aside, these springs do make a very noticable difference in drivability. No more rolling and swaying as you take the lightest of corners at anything more that 5mph. The additional firmness of these springs massively increases your ability to take corners smoothly and at greater speed. In terms of ridability (bumpy roads, pot hole, speed bumps e.t.c.) there is no real noticable change in drive comfort.

The 34mm drop is enough to ditch that 4x4 look and put the car in to the realms of normal vehicles.

All round, these springs offer a lot of pro's and no real con's other than the MS price tag.

Increased Handling on corners - 4/5
Maintain ride comfort - 4/5
Lower Vehicle - 3/5
Value for money - 2/5

If you are willing to sacrifice 6mm and £80 for the original MS price tag then these are a good set of springs to go for. The overall improvement is definately worth it.

However, if you want that really low down look try the H&R's or a set of coilovers.