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IL Motorsport Front Chassis Brace, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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IL Motorsport Front Chassis Brace, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

IL Motorsport Front Chassis Brace, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

£39.12 inc Vat
by gary Steadman
Date Added: Tuesday 16 January, 2007
MX5 parts ... fantastic service and delivery... like everyone else the instructions are confusing. I fitted the bar with the thick bit uppermost in the gearbox channel, and put the 2 washers between the bar and the subframe. Shame that on a Mk2 1999 the exhaust tin tray cover has to come off.. If I want to mess around and cut it in order to refit with the bar in place I can, however I dont actually think it adds much to the car.. I will keep it just in case....

On the road... Having been a Westfield SE owner / builder and only just bought a MX5 I was slightly bemused by the scuttle shake (the spaceframe westie never displayed this trait) My Mk 2 also has a fairly large brace just behind where this item fits so I doubted that it may make any difference. I consider that I have a decent understanding of suspension behaviour etc, and I actually think the bar makes a big difference on my car to the straight line directional stability, seriously reduces the amount of scuttle shake on uneven surfaces and makes the front end feel far more confident.. This simple piece of heath robinson engineering should have been incorporated into the initial design from the outset......

As far as ease of fitting goes.. 5 mins with one hand tied behind your back, provided that you have a thin 17mm spanner to hold the bolt in place.... remember it you are struggling on a maxda you are doing it wrong..... Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 91 Reviews]

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