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IL Motorsport Rear Chassis Brace, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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IL Motorsport Rear Chassis Brace, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

IL Motorsport Rear Chassis Brace, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5

£42.02 inc Vat
by Jesse Manget
Date Added: Friday 09 March, 2007
My car didnt have a front brace but did have a rear, so the new front brace went on no problem but the back one isnt flush with the mounting surface due to an OE bar which is quite thick and prevents this. I tried to position it upside down but that was a no go due to it hitting my exhanust brackets (may be an aftermarket exhaust). I have secured the bolts as tight as I can and hope that it wont cause problems in the long run.

The difference really has amazed me, the car feels more solid and feels like it is one part rather than several doing their own thing. When taking turns the difference is really noticable, the car sticks to the surface even better than before, and there is less feeling that your backend will overtake you. There is a small reduction in scuttle shake, especially over potholes which would normally have shaken my steering wheel now the other wheel keeps it straight.

I was sceptical about the difference they would make and happily proved very wrong!!! If you have no front brace (Mk1), buy one, best bit of kit you'll buy! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 64 Reviews]

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