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Outdoor Monsoon Car Cover, All MX5 Models
Outdoor Monsoon Car Cover, All MX5 Models
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av Hugh Green
Skrivet datum: Saturday den 30 December, 2017
5 av 5 stjärnor!
Bought this cover for winter use and so far it has not let me down. After two weeks of laying snow and pouring rain the car is bone dry ( as is the underside of the cover) apart from a small patch of light condensation on the windscreen which is understandable given the recent temperatures. My shaded off road parking space faces north so the cover does well given that the area receives very little sun this time of year. A1 well made product and fits my Mk2.5 5 like a glove and is easy to fit and remove single handedly. A trick I have for getting the straps under the car to the other side is to attach the two straps one side, then clip on a heavy plastic bulldog clip which, by its added weight, makes throwing the strap under the car a doddle. Try it!!

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