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Outdoor Monsoon Car Cover, All Models
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Outdoor Monsoon Car Cover, All Models

Outdoor Monsoon Car Cover, All Models

£99.58 £89.63 inc Vat
by Harriet Warburton
Date Added: Saturday 20 December, 2003
Having bought masses of cool extras for our 1989 Eunos Roadster from this very website, and been very satisfied with all, I have to say we were very disappointed with this car cover!

I spent 20 minutes struggling to fit it on my own and failed. Enlisted the help of my husband, whereupon it took another 20 minutes or so of both of us pulling and stretching the thing to get it over the car. It was labelled wrong - the front of the cover turned out in fact to be the back, which didn't help matters. Eventually we got it to cover the car, but it clearly is a bad fit for a Roadster - it looks like it was made for an entirely different shape and size of car. It doesn't cover either bumper properly, is only just wide enough to incorporate both wing mirrors into their pockets, and yet has baggy bits around the front and rear. I certainly wouldn't spend £97 on a pair of trousers that fitted this badly.

Still, I suppose it'll do the job. Time and Christmas weather conditions will tell.

Editors Note.

I do not understand your comments about not covering the car properly, the photograph here is of this cover fitted to a 1992 Eunos Roadster complete with boot spoiler and side sills, and as you can see, it covers it perfectly. Certainly, fitting a car cover is not an easy task the first couple of times! You need to work out a system for both fitting and removal. Everybody has their own, but mine (starting with removal) is to roll the cover back from the front of the car to the centre, then back from the rear to the centre and then roll it up from the drivers side. Putting the cover back on is then simply the reverse. Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 3.0 of 5 Stars! [After 33 Reviews]

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