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Pipercross Induction Kit 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk1
Pipercross Induction Kit 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk1
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por Peter Comben
Data de introdução: Sexta 05 Outubro, 2012
4 em 5!
Kit and instructions are designed for a pre 94 mx5 1.6. Needed some modifications to fit my 90bhp 1997 mx5 but I got there in the end (4 hours later). When fitted according to the instructions, the AFM and cone are too high up to clear the heat shield, and the AFM lead is not long enough to connect back up. Cut a notch out of the bottom on the heat shield and drilled 2 new holes so that it sits about 2 inches further back towards the bulkhead also angled it very slightly towards the centre of the car at the front ( only about 10mm to avoid getting too near to the manifold ). Next removed the standard bracket attached to the strut turret and mounted it backwards - this has the effect of moving the stud back by 2 inches so it still lines up with the hole in the heatshield to which you attach the support stay. Also on the same standard bracket I hacksawed off the stud that points upwards, and replaced it with a bolt that points downwards. The combined effect of this is that you can now mount the AFM/Cone underneath the bracket (using a couple of nuts as spacers as necessary) AND it'll sit 2 inches further back - so lines up perfectly inside the heatshield. The support bar to the AFM/Cone needs to be shortened to suit. In this position, the AFM lead now reaches fine and I didn't have to cut so much off the clean air pipe at the front of the AFM (perhaps just an inch - there was a ridge on the inside of mine that I cut along and that was perfect). Just to firms things up - I realised that with a small tweak the bracket that supported the old inlet tract could be adapted to support the front of the AFM. Removed the L-bracket from the front of the AFM (where it bolted to the old airbox) and mounted it backwards - This then can line up with the hole in the end of the inlet track bracket (bend it a little in a vice). Whole assembly is now rock solid. A lot of faffing, but the end result is worthwhile. Car now sounds great as you accelerate up above 3000rpm - a nice throaty roar. Now sounds like it always should have. MX5 parts should NOT really advertise this as fitting 89-98 cars as I guess it only fits 89-94 cars without modification. If you have a bit of intuition and can be bothered - then you can adapt it to fit later cars, but then maybe you have better things to do with 4 hours ?

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