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PVC/Plastic Rear Window
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PVC/Plastic Rear Window

PVC/Plastic Rear Window

£164.82 inc Vat
by John Cannon
Date Added: Thursday 11 May, 2006
We needed a new rear window on my partner's MkI as it was pretty opaque and also cracked. We decided to go for the original Mazda part. Although this was about £23.00 dearer than an after-market replacement, it (eventually) fitted perfectly and really looks the part. I think the extra cost is well justified as we also didn't need to do any sewing-machine work.

Fitting was fiddly but not too difficult. We used the MX5 manual which you sold us and, I must confess, the instructions were not all that clear. At an early stage in removal of the old window, it states that the ends of the rain rail need to be detached from the top link assembly (main hinge) by drilling out two rivets on each side.

I thought this sounded a bit funny as the rain rail is made of stiff plastic and really couldn't be attached to a moving member. We therefore disregarded this advice and the rain rail came out with the back section of the main hood and rear window without any problem. Of course, we had to remove the row of rivets attaching the rear window section, the main hood section and the rain rail but that was fiddly rather than difficult.

As usual, a great product which does the job perfectly. I ordered it a 2.30p.m. one afternoon and it arrived here in Scotland at noon next day. Excellent service! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 5 Reviews]

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