CVV - Card Verification Value

CVV stands for Card Verification Value, sometimes also referred to as CVC (Card Verification Code), CVV-2 or CVC-2. The CVV code is an additional 3- or 4-digit security number that is printed (not embossed) on a credit card. For your safety and security, requires that you enter your card verification number.

Where is the CVV code to be found?
The CVV code is the last group of 3 or 4 digits to be found printed on the signature strip on the reverse side of the card.

In the example shown here, the CVV code is 843.
On some cards, the complete credit card number is shown on the signature strip, followed by the CVV code.

How is security improved by using the CVV code?
The CVV code can only be found on the card itself and nowhere else, not even on associated credit card statements. This means that the person requesting the transaction must have (or have had) the card in their hands.
Requiring that a card transaction be validated with the CVV code provides good protection against fraudulent use of a card number that has been obtained without permission or that has simply been guessed. It protects you against other people trying to use your card number fraudulently.

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