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Puncture Repair Sealant, Genuine Mazda, All MX5 Models
Puncture Repair Sealant, Genuine Mazda, All MX5 Models
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by Roger Horton
Date Added: Thursday 11 June, 2020
3 of 5 Stars!
As per other reviews, I also concur that the current offering from Mazda does not fit well in the original puncture repair zip bag (MK3 RC): the neck of the bottle protrudes from the top making it impossible to close the bag and protect the bottle. Even so, the bag will still fit in the allocated space with the retaining strap.

However, I was concerned that the bottle came without a protective screw cap and only has the thin tear-off foil film to prevent spillage if accidentally damaged. This seems like a strange omission. Although I have emailed Mazda UK about this issue, I have never received any response. As a consequence, I searched for a suitable screw cap to fit on the exposed bottle neck, but without any success – it seems to be an odd size!

TIP: In the end I resorted to using a plastic cap from a toothpaste tube - with the inner threaded section in the cap carefully removed using a Dremel cutting wheel. The resulting modified cap is a perfect fit. The bottle and cap are now installed in a plastic zip bag into the original Mazda bag. Looks untidy but is better than wasting the limited space in the boot of the RC with an alternative supplier’s offering. Also other solutions are available if you don’t mind the repair kits taking up space, and they offer an alternative option for salvaging a punctured tyre.

I have marked this down in my review as a consequence of these failings, and also the exorbitant price that Mazda charge for this item compared with others that are available. However, I took advantage of one of the useful regular discounts from MX5Parts.