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Radiator, Aftermarket, MX5 Mk1 Manual
Radiator, Aftermarket, MX5 Mk1 Manual


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was £77.87
par Dave Pritlove
Date : vendredi 18 mai 2018
5 étoiles sur 5 !
Good value and superb service. I fitted this after my old radiator leaked from a seam near the top. Removing the old one was straight forward - two mounting bolts at the top and a couple of tabs on the bottom holding cooling pipes for the air-con. I did not remove the fans until the radiator was off, just separating the electrical connectors which are at each side on the top and easy to access. Trying to remove the fans with the radiator in place would be much harder.

It does not come with a cap so order one separately if your seal is damaged. Also, the side bushes onto which it sits at the lower sides are not provided. Mine were easy to remove from the old radiator by removal of single, rusted, cir-clips. It does come with a drain plug.

I attached the fans before refitting the radiator and am glad I did as their cowls needed flexing to get the mounting holes to align. The right-hand lower mounting bolt on the left fan, also holds a bracket for the air-con cooling tubes. I fitted this bolt out of the car and removed it again once the radiator was fitted to add the mounting bracket for the air-con pipe. I think it would be difficult to align the parts while the radiator is in place.

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