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Radiator, Aftermarket, MX5 Mk1 Manual
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Radiator, Aftermarket, MX5 Mk1 Manual

Radiator, Aftermarket, MX5 Mk1 Manual

£75.60 inc Vat
by john horvath
Date Added: Saturday 19 February, 2005
Superfast delivery of course - although it would be nice to have the option of a slower cheaper delivery.

Changing a rad is the good time to flush the cooling system. Remember to remove the thermostat housing to get the stat out so you can flush properly (and get a new gasket for it). Disconnect the top and bottom hoses the cables to the fans.

My roadster (1.8) has aircon, so in addition to the fans bolting on top and bottom, a couple of aircon pipes also bolt to the bottom of the rad - not a problem, they just have to be undone before removing the rad. The two main bolts holding on the existing rad at the bottom are actually like coach bolts with circlips holding them in. It helps if you have someone else looking under the car to see where they ping to when you undo them!

The top bolts have captive nuts so are not a problem at all (pop the light up and you can get a spanner to them with the handle going under the lights.

The carefully lift the old rad with fans attached out and swap the fans to the new rad. The old top mountings have a rubber grommit/bush with a metal lining. Lever out the metal and squeeze out the rubber, this needs to be reused on the new rad.

Refitting is obvious - and surprisingly easier than the original removal! Connect everything back up, fill up system and go!

Thanks MX5 parts - total job cost me £85 vs Mazdas £250+vat for the rad plus around £100 fitting!!!!! :-0 :-0 Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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