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Radiator Fan Kit, High Pressure, MX5 Mk1
Radiator Fan Kit, High Pressure, MX5 Mk1
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by Simon Buckley
Date Added: Tuesday 16 October, 2018
2 of 5 Stars!
I got this with the ILMotorsports alum. radiator to cool off the turbo the first attempt the fan casing arrived in a flimsy box, and bent. Thanks, MX5parts, for an easy exchange and refund; the second one arrives a lot better packed and unbent. From the start it is obvious that the fan casing and the radiator have never met before, despite the fact that they are advertised as belonging to each other. You need 10mm spacers and longer bolts (not supplied) to get them to join convincingly, and the brackets on the fan casing need to be coaxed with a set of mole grips to get all the eight holes to line up at the same time. At this point I lose faith in German engineering skill, but press on, making allowances.
The assembled rad. and fan casing slide in more or less easily, and I fill it up, get the bubbles out and push the female connectors on the first fan into the old fan's connector and leave the second fan for later. A fifteen mile spin shows everything working, the temp gauge (already converted to a proper progressive readout) even shows when the thermostat opens to release the colder coolant into the system. I am happy. The fan blows like anything sitting in the traffic, and I come home intent upon wiring the second fan through a time delay relay to come in a minute behind the first fan to reinforce its efforts on a hot day.
Thinking that the wiring to the first fan really needs to be a bit more shockproof than a couple of crimp connectors pushed into the old block I realise that there is very little space to get at the short tail of cable hardwired into the fan to alter it , and then I make the fatal mistake of thinking that the fan itself, fixed with four accessible bolts, could be taken off to work more easily on that short, ridiculously short, tail of wire. Experimentally I loosen the first bolt. It is not into a captive nut. S**t. The entire thing has to be drained and taken out again because our fine German colleagues have fastened the fan to the casing with loose nuts, one of which is half undone and can't now be tightened again without complete disassembly form the radiator, and doing this is impossible without pulling the radiator out of the car.
So....(Germans, pay attention now) 1. make the b****y thing so that it fits together properly. 2. make the tails of cable long enough to be worked on after the thing is installed (how much would that cost), and 3. do not assemble anything that may be taken apart without captive nuts.
It will work eventually, and very well, I expect, but the hassle is unnecessary.