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Radio Adaptor Harness, MX5 Mk1/2
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Radio Adaptor Harness, MX5 Mk1/2

Radio Adaptor Harness, MX5 Mk1/2

£7.88 inc Vat
by Tim Law
Date Added: Friday 07 January, 2005
If you're fitting this to car without the MSSS2 head unit, you might give this a 5 rating. The MSSS2 head unit was fitted to 1995-97 V-spec cars. There is a problem with these cars, I shall attempt to explain.
Normal car stereos have two pairs of outputs, 1 pair for the front speakers and one pair for the rears. The MSSS2 has a third pair of outputs to the seat "thumpers" to massage your back and to fool you into thinking that there is some heavy bass sub woofer under your seat. The problem is that if you use this adaptor with the MSSS2 then you will connect the headrest speakers to the "front" output of your stereo and the seat thumpers to the "rear" output. The all important door speakers get no feed so remain silent. The original output to the door speakers is via a small, non-standard connector which takes a pre-amp signal to an external amplifier mounted under the dash just above the bonnet release.
Now the good news. The output connection from this amp to the door speakers is a standard plug, exactly the same as the one this harness is designed for and with the same pinouts. The only problem that remains is that the socket that fits this plug in the new harness is behind the stereo and the plug from the old amp is 50cm away behind the dash. I cut into this new harness and lengthened the wires to the smaller white socket by about 50cm. With the new harness plugged into your new stereo and the extended socket run over the steering column to the site of the old amp you're in business. You lose the output to the old seat thumpers (just leave the plug tucked away behind the stereo) and the fader action is strictly speaking back to front, but the sound quality from a half decent aftermarket stereo easily out performs that of the MSS2 so it's worth it. Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

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