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Rear Number Plate Surround Stainless Steel, All MX5 Models
Rear Number Plate Surround Stainless Steel, All MX5 Models
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by Roger Horton
Date Added: Thursday 02 September, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
The usual excellent service from MX5Parts! Looks great and goes well with the chrome accessories at the rear. I confirm that, sadly, it is too rigid to fit to the front of the MK3.

Most people here seem to be re-fitting drilled number plates. But in my case I was using new plates and elected not to drill the rear plate and attempt to align with the existing holes in the bodywork. The rear panel of the MK3 isn’t quite flat, so I used a couple of strips of double-sided number plate tape, positioned to help firmly hold the assembly, in addition to two screws to the bodywork. It took me a while to figure out where to safely drill and which holes or slots were the best to use. My advice is to just take your time and make sure everything is positioned correctly before proceeding.

Be careful if you do a trial run with your plate first, and then have to remove the plate from the frame before fitting, as it is quite easy to accidentally damage the retaining slots in the black plastic backing piece if you use a screw driver to ease out the tabs of the steel frame. Also be aware that the steel edges are quite thin and sharp. I foolishly tried to push the steel frame from the back with my thumb when removing the number plate and ended up with a very nasty cut!

Since it relatively easy to remove the rear number plate from this frame, I used some Richbrook anti-theft bolts for the front number plate just to make it a little harder for thieves to take both plates. I am undecided about using double-sided tape to secure the rear plate in the frame because I need to be able to remove my private plates when I sell the car.

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