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ISE Removal Kit, MX5 Mk4 2.0
ISE Removal Kit, MX5 Mk4 2.0
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by philip marshall
Date Added: Wednesday 22 May, 2019
3 of 5 Stars!
good bit of kit and will serve a lot of folk well, but and this is a big but, if your like myself and already have the iL-Motorsport hose, the pipe supplied is instantly redundant thus making the washer and valve rather expensive in my opinion, also if you plan on fitting a OCC in the future, I personally wouldn't buy one of these.

but with all of the above mentioned it is a great bit of kit and makes a massive change to cabin noise and also seems to have changed the throttle response for the better on my Recaro, you still get that little whine in the top end of the rev spectrum but not as loud, I for one am glad I have it because the loss of noise has stopped me from pushing hard all the time. the ISE kept begging me to floor it, might just have saved me 6 points I can say!