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Seat Back Bar Covers, Chromed, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75
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Seat Back Bar Covers, Chromed, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75

Seat Back Bar Covers, Chromed, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75

£47.23 inc Vat
by Peter Henderson
Date Added: Saturday 05 July, 2008
These things look cool. They were delivered in 2 days so excellent product and service. I have had no problems fitting them. The kit provided everything required and I have not had to resort to superglue or extra tape.
1) it was bairly 20 degrees, with light wind.
2) I lowered the roof and tried the covers over the head rest WITHOUT REMOVING THE TAPE first. They are different- one for driver side and one for passenger so establish which is which.
3) note where the tape is on the inside of the cover and use the alcohol wipe, provided, to degrease the area on the headrest coresponding to the tape. NOTE THE TAPE AT THE BOTTOM IS ON ALL 3 SIDES.
4) Do not, now, touch the headrest with your greasy fingers.
5) apply the primer over the back of the head rest. I put it on direct from the tube and used a small paint brush to spread it. It is like water and will run down. I used a cloth to wipe of runs below the headrest join. I used the whole tube doing each headrest twice (2 layers) it dries very quickly but i waited a couple of mins before applying the covers. Remember to go round all three sides at the bottom of the headreast above the join.
6) remove the red tape from the double sided tape inside the cover.
7) gently place the cover over the correct head rest and line it up. Then push onto the back of the head reast.
Took 5 mins start to finish and looks really good- definately wont pop off. No hair dryer required but I put the hood back up to raise the inside temperature. Good luck Pete Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 76 Reviews]

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