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U Shape Windblocker / Deflector, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
U Shape Windblocker / Deflector, MX5 Mk1/2/2.5
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by Ash Williamson
Date Added: Sunday 05 April, 2015
4 of 5 Stars!
Just bought this for my Mk2.5 2002. My car has a style bar so fitting this was quite a bit more of a task than if I didn't have one. Couple of bits of advice then from what I discovered:

Remove the black plastic ended screws from your style bar which are there to hold in the standard non-folding blockers. Once removed, this blocker will fold flush to the bar.

The blocker comes with two sets of brackets. One large. One smaller. Use the smaller ones for attaching the style bar with the longer bolt screws provided.

Use the lower of the two screw holes in the style bar's mounting plate to fix the blocker. Position the blocker as low to the parcel shelf as possible: the bolt that tightens the bracket should be directly beneath the bolt that screws into the car. This way the blocker will not interfere with the roof at all when opening and closing. Any higher and it does.

The flat side of the blocker should face to the rear of the car. This way, the mesh Is flat to the shelf when folded down, so if you were to put anything on it, you're not causing the mesh to sag.

And lastly, just bear in mind, I'm 5 foot 9 and with the blocker up, I can not reach over it to pull the roof back up whilst sitting in the car anymore so if it rains, for example, I will have to jump out and put it up. That's why I've given it four instead of five stars. No fault of its own to be honest. Maybe also the fact it was quite fiddly to install with the style bar, dropped it a star.

As for its efficacy, it really is excellent. Really does stop the wind and keeps the warmth in. Windows up or down, it transforms the experience. It appears to be pretty strong too. I was worried whether it would fall down of its own accord but seems fine. The bolts have rubber washers so hopefully they won't loosen.

Highly recommend. And of course, delivery as always and communication were superb.

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