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KYB Shock Absorber, MX5 Mk1
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KYB Shock Absorber, MX5 Mk1

KYB Shock Absorber, MX5 Mk1

£92.99 inc Vat
by Matthew Frost
Date Added: Saturday 22 March, 2003
Yet another great product from MX5parts.co.uk. I was unsure whether or not I ought to change the front shocks on my Roadster, it was not planned, I just thought that I may as well while replacing the track rod ends (Which by the way cost me a fortune, as MX5 parts currently don`t do them :( ... )
The job took me about 2 hours a side, which included cleaning the wheel arches out and waxoiling them.
Although I thought there was not much wrong with the old shocks, fitting these new ones has made me realise how bad the old ones were!! I have been missing out, so I advise anyne else on there originals to change them.
The quality of these parts appears to be very good, a direct replacement fit with no hassles. The bumps in the road are now smoothed out somewhat, and the nose of the car is a lot more positive, and does not dip under braking.
A nice touch is that it has not given a really hard ride which is what I have found in the past when fitting new shocks. The ride is firm, and smooth.
I will now being putting money in my piggy bank to save up for some rears.
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