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Stainless Steel Centre Section, IL Motorsport, MX5 Mk2.5
Stainless Steel Centre Section, IL Motorsport, MX5 Mk2.5
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by Ash Williamson
Date Added: Saturday 26 August, 2017
5 of 5 Stars!
I am so glad I have finally gone for it and fitted this mid pipe. I've had just the S1222 back box on the car for a year, then I added a Pipercross Induction kit. But it's with this centre section that the sound has really transformed. It has a really low grumble which increases to an angry shout the higher the rpm,and when you let off the accelerator, it burbles beautifully. It is loud though, nowhere near P1 Impreza levels, but make no mistake, it definitely has that 'modded car' sound. It's no shrinking violet. But I love that. I never have the car stereo on now. I just listen to the tune of the exhaust and the growl of the induction. It's pretty addictive.

In terms of performance increase, I don't know exactly. With a cat back exhaust system and an induction kit, perhaps it has improved a bit. It feels pretty peppy and responsive that's for sure. What I do know though, the car doesn't sound strained like it used to so I certainly enjoy a lot more whatever power it is producing.

In terms of fitting: pretty simple really. I actually didn't have to take my chassis re-enforcement frame off. I was able to slip the old and new pipe through without issue at all. Because I was matching up the new pipe to a relatively new back box, the gasket supplied sealed that no problem. However, this type of gasket didn't create a tight seal from the cat to the new pipe and water started leaking out pretty badly. I had scrubbed the rust away but clearly it was still too far gone. I've used exhaust paste to fix it and should it start leaking again, (but hopefully not!) I have bought new exhaust compression gasket rings.

Make sure also you do your research about the rear oxygen sensor and how best to remove it. If you do, the whole job should be a pretty quick and straightforward swap. And the result will be very satisfying.

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