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Stainless Steel Exhaust, MX5 Parts Single Exit, MX5 Mk1
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Stainless Steel Exhaust, MX5 Parts Single Exit, MX5 Mk1

Stainless Steel Exhaust, MX5 Parts Single Exit, MX5 Mk1

£229.00 inc Vat
by Michael Peel
Date Added: Thursday 29 April, 2010
Ok, so here is my review. The single exit dual sleeved exhaust arrived promptly as per usual with MX5PARTS.

The fitting of the exhaust was done at the Garage and they had to grind the bolts off. Thats on a 1995 car so make of that what you will.

The exhaust generates a bit more heat than the stock exhaust so the cabin can get a little toasty if your sitting still a lot. You can feel it warming up the centre console or at least i think thats what it is :p Its not that bad though.

This exhaust is loud. I would say it sounds as loud as a boy racer exhaust however its sounds so good its borderline ok. between idle and 3000rpm it is a very deep tone lessening slightly if you put your foot down in this rev range. from 3k rpm and up it is very quiet with moderate pressure on the pedal. If you gun it to the redline you are rewarded with a very powerful roar that suits the car in my opinion. cruising is a pleasure at 70 or 80 or even 90 (on a racetrack of course) ;)

When the exhaust is cold (even after the engine is warm) if you floor it you will get a slight rasp at the higher rev range when flooring it this however is not there with moderate pressure or that is what i have found on my particular exhaust. Once it has warmed up the rasp goes away.

Performance wise i have seen an increase in top end in all gears and torque seems to have increased in 3rd gear slightly around the 3-4k rpm range.

All in all a very nice exhaust however steer clear if you are not looking for a loud exhaust i mean it is loud but it sounds good if you get my drift. It by no means "farts" like your regular boy racer model. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 162 Reviews]

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