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Stainless Steel Exhaust Rear Silencer, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75
Stainless Steel Exhaust Rear Silencer, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75


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was £285.04
por Ian Hampton
Fecha Alta: miércoles 15 febrero, 2017
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The sound is reasonable. It's nice to have some exhaust noise in my previously mute NC1, but it seems a bit boomy at low revs and seems to decrease in volume as revs rise.

However, after a month on the car, I've noticed that the hangers and welds are all really heavily tarnished, to the point that there's a dribble of rust running down from each hanger towards the ground.

I purchased the exhaust second-hand but new/boxed/unfitted from another owner so sadly I suspect I won't have any support from MX5parts.

Also worth noting that according to the manufacturer/importer IL Motorsport, this exhaust does not have TUV approval in Germany.

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