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Stainless Steel Front Intake Grille, Mk1/2/2.5
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Stainless Steel Front Intake Grille, Mk1/2/2.5

Stainless Steel Front Intake Grille, Mk1/2/2.5

£31.50 inc Vat
Date Added: Sunday 04 September, 2005
Blimey, great service and very fast delivery, This just might help someone who like me Isn't terribly car minded, I couldn't get the access to the bolts required my old half inch socket set was too big the 10 mm socket fitted but the actual socket itself was too big, so after some googling, I found out that a 3/8 socket set was considerably smaller, so off to halfords and got me a shiny new 3/8 socket set, first bolt a bit stiff but no problems, the second bolt was completely shot and the socket kept slipping off, due to the head being chewed off, "god the faces of these bolts are so soft" had to drill out the bolt and made the hole too big also accidently drilled out the thread as well, "you tell me where it says how to drill out a bolt without damaging the thread of the female part" anyway managed to fit the grill by drilling a new hole and using a nut and bolt on one side and the original bolt on the other, I must say the grill looks good, It Is flimsy but I found you could bend it too shape, My Mazzie looks very mean now!!

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