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Stainless Steel Race Exhaust Rear Silencer, MX5 Mk3
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Stainless Steel Race Exhaust Rear Silencer, MX5 Mk3

Stainless Steel Race Exhaust Rear Silencer, MX5 Mk3

£510.95 inc Vat
by Mark Talbot
Date Added: Friday 05 September, 2008
I have had the exhaust on or over 6 months now. I am still very impressed with it. The sound has changed a little now it has settled in but it just sounds better and better every time I drive it. It doesn't sound as good at cold but once warm the tone changes and gets deeper. Also when warm it makes a lovely sound when backing off the throttle at low speeds when stopping at a junction. Below 2,000rpm it rumbles and pops and I love it!

When on long motorway journeys (250 miles) the sound does not bother me. When you are up to speed and keeping a constant throttle the exhaust is almost silent and you can;t hear it over the road and wind noise in te rag top. its only when you start to apply the throttle does it become loud. You may just need to change your driving style a little to get used to this feather throttle action on the motorway. Although it will save your fuel driving like this!

The stainless boxes are still just as bright and I make sure I give them a quick wipe when washing the car. The black paint is flaking a little but you can't really see it anyway. I am not sure why they painted stainless pipework black in the first place though? The inside of the tips are dulling slightly from the exhaust gases but I am sure some treatment with the wire wool will bring this back up.

I would still say this was the best thing I have bought for the car so far and recommend it to anyone Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 10 Reviews]

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