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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker
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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

£159.95 inc Vat
by Harry Stewart
Date Added: Saturday 17 March, 2012
Fitted my new Style Bars yesterday and they look great! Delivery was impressive as they arrived the day after ordering. However, the instructions are not the best. Both of the holes for the original factory fitted windblocker line up with the holes in the new Style Bars on the drivers' side but only one of the holes lined up on the passenger side. Also, the plastic covers that fit onto the seat belt retaing bolts no longer fitted. I was also a bit worried when re-tightening the seat belt bolts to 79NM (as per the instuctions) as I thought that I was ging to strip the threads so I stopped at 70NM. Finally, there were also some minor scratches at the bottom of the Style Bars but not that bad to warrant sending the product back. Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 145 Reviews]

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