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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker
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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

£159.95 inc Vat
by David Lloyd
Date Added: Thursday 07 April, 2005
Bar arrived in record time. Opened up the box....wow, looks great. It all went down hill from there!

Previous customer reviews have reported poor instructions and poor fit, but having done a fair bit of work on cars, I didn't think I'd have much trouble. Wrong!!

The instructions are really bad. Starts off ok. Remove bolt 'D' with spacer 'A' and 6x washers 'C'. Take out a screw and bin it, then replace with 'E' ....er...which then dissapears out of existence completely. Later on 'A' comes back as a screw for some reason. Basically, pretty poor.

Now to the fit. Terrible! I was really careful to put everything in hand tight first. Took a bit of fiddling, but eventually everything was coaxed into what seemed like the correct position. It wasn't, so I ended up starting to strip the seatbelt bolts. Luckily I stopped in time, so the threads were recoverable by cleaning up with a tap and die.

WARNING!! The seatbelt bolts are a strange size (M11 x 1.25mm pitch thread). I had to get a tap and die specially made, which cost a whopping £63.00. Don't think that you can get new bolts from Mazda either. They come as part of the seatbelt assembly and cannot be bought separately.

With the threads sorted, I went about fitting the bar again. This time I put the seatbelt bolts in tight first (but not torqued) and descovered the reason for me starting to strip them in the firt place: The bolt slots in the bracket were about 10mm off on one side. At this point I should have sent the bar back, but in the end I modified the slots to fit.

The bar is now on and admittedly looks good, although (as reported by others) the seabelt bolt covers will need modifying to fit! I advise anyone who buys this product to very carefully test fit it first. If it doesn't line up, send it back for a replacement. It's not worth risking the heartache and expense of damaging your pride and joy!.

Scimitar: Your delivery service is fantastic. Your customer service is great. Your suppliers are letting you down! This is the second faulty product I have bought from you. I was going to buy a stainless exaust, but I'm not overly convinced now!

Editors Note:

What can I say, I'm really sorry that you have had this problem, and I really wish you had talked to us (even after stripping the thread, we have a fully equipped workshop). This is not normal for this product, it is made in Germany and the jigging is normally 'spot-on'. I have to say that we have sold record numbers of these this year, and out of over 600 bars sold since January we have only had two faulty ones. We appreciate that problems do happen, that is why everything is sold with a full warranty. Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 145 Reviews]

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