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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker
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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

£159.95 inc Vat
by Grant Rudge
Date Added: Monday 17 December, 2007
Purchased this bar from an MX5 Club member who originally purchased it from MX5Parts.
My advice (fitting to MK2.5 with soundboard)
Read all the previous reviews.
Do not worry about negatives.
Extract from the reviews snippets of intel to make life easy such as
1/. Throw away instructions
2/. Ask a friend to help
3/. Be prepared to modify seat belt caps (they break easily so have a spare set (MX5 Parts sell them)
4/. The bar incorporates a guide tube for the seat belt bolt this is likely to be sufficiently long enough to seat the bar without spacers or washers underneath. But remember a washer and spacer above the bar are important because without them the seat belt anchor will not pivot.
5/. Keep and re-use the lower soundboard fixing (with tonneau press stud) you will need to refix this one
6/. Any gap between the bar side supports and soundboard will be taken up once all fittings are tightened. But make sure the bar is dead centre and gradually tighten (alternative) the side fixings to keep it centre.
5/. Torque the seat belt bolt to 50nm each side first. Check the position of the soundboard to make sure that when the centre section of the windbreak is lifted up it does not touch the style bar (if it does it will sqeak). Adjust the soundboard if the centre section does touch the bar. Tighten the soundboard fixings fully (alternative sides). Then torque the seat belt bolts to 79nm.
6. Seat belt caps may need a slight adjustment. I shaved about 1/4" off the side which was fouling the bar and didn't allow seat belt guides to rotate.
7/. Be careful when fitting the seat belt caps as the lugs are likely to be brittle (see 3 above).
8/. Check that the roof opens and closes without severe rubbing of the bar. It is likely that the bar will rub a little when lifting the roof but the clearance is sufficient when the roof is fully up.

Verdict. Easy job. Great bar. Stiffens the rear of the car. Looks brilliant. Enjoy.
Grant (Bigmaz) Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 145 Reviews]

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