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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker
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Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

Stainless Steel Style Bar with Windblocker

£159.95 inc Vat
Date Added: Monday 08 March, 2010
got the bars for my birthday and have been away for a month so i only started to fit it on saturday. i remember fitting the same bars two years ago to my brothers car and we had loads of problems. i am quite handy with this sort of thing and thaught it would be a dodle. so very wrong i was!! the instructions are crap!! they don't explain very well and they keep saying a,b,or c and then they mean a,b or c for something else. took me ages to figure out what the hell they where on about. they also tell you to put a washer after the main seatbelt spacer and that is the wrong way round. eventualy had to look at brothers car and copy his. very fidley lineing up the side screws and there is no mention of fittting the washers to fill the gapes. plus the new bolts they supply are two small for the very large hole on the bar so had to source two large washers to stop the bolts going through. although the bar was well protected with a plastic cover and bubble wrap, somehow they still managed to scratch the top of the bar. could only have been done before it was coverd. very disappointed, but as i said it was a birthday present and i opend it and had to go away the next day so until i started to fit it last weekend i didn't even notice this scratch. your service is good but i have to say some of your suppliers are not up to scratch. however does look fantastic when done and defo makes the car look the nuts! without a dought. (don't like the plastic windblocker though) makes it look like sh1t. sorry guys could do better. p.s glad i didn't spend the money (my wife did) Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars! [After 145 Reviews]

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