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Trim Springs, MX5 Mk1
Trim Springs, MX5 Mk1
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by Michael Hamilton
Date Added: Thursday 18 December, 2014
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Ah well, here we go again..... 2 weeks ago I found a price of spring on my driveway. My car was due a service and I suspected the worst regarding the Trim Springs.
Well my fears were justified, 2 broken springs again.
I am afraid that the Durability of the Trim Springs is in question here. The last time this happened, I was offered a set of springs for half price but I still had to pay for fitting, my view is that this is unacceptable now.
I think that the main issue with the Trim Springs is that the ends are not scarfed but are left cut at right angles preventing the springs from rotating under compression and extension and causing the springs to break.
I am really sorry to have to be posting this as I thought that the issue of broken springs had been resolved.

Editors Note:-

Thanks for the feedback Mr. Hamilton and we\'re sorry to hear that the problem of the broken rear spring has re-occurred. We have passed all previous feedback to the manufacturer but they assure us that the springs are tested and fit for purpose. Although now out of the 12 month manufacturer warranty period, if you\'d like to get in contact with us we\'ll be happy to try and assist in providing a solution to the problem for you.

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