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K&N Typhoon Intake System, Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5
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K&N Typhoon Intake System, Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5

K&N Typhoon Intake System, Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5

£304.96 inc Vat
by Nick Dougill
Date Added: Sunday 02 January, 2005
First up, this is a good product. It fitted easily, I let my 18 year old son do it, who’s previous mechanical experience has been confined to Airfix models and breaking things. It sounds great, but if you don’t want to play, then light throttle produces little difference to the standard car. It looks great too: unless you have a red or blue car, get the polished one, as there is nothing else red or blue under the bonnet.
Performance is slightly up, I tried a full throttle acceleration test in top from 40, between two fixed points, in standard form made 80mph, but with the K&N set up 83 was achieved, not a hugely scientific test, but an improvement none the less. The only downer was that I then tried the same thing in my wife’s VRS Octavia and that hit the ton in the same distance, however nowhere near as much fun at the roundabout that follows though!
It’s written in other reviews that the sound is intoxicating, and that economy improves. I very much agree with the first point, but because of this, the second point is more difficult to judge as the best sound comes with the throttle wide open. Certainly smile inducing though.

Issues I encountered while fitting were minimal. Remember to depress the central tab on the electrical connector to the Mass Air Flow Sensor or you won’t be removing it in one piece. A pair if long nose pliers helps to squash the retaining lugs on the wiring loom clips to remove it from the old air box. A universal joint in your socket set helps remove the rear air box bolt if your car has a strut brace, and some of the standard fit screws and bolts have weird size heads. And the main issue, as reported in other reviews, the new air temperature rubber bung, or sleeve is the wrong size. The outside diameter is too small and in no way is capable of staying in place. I used bathroom mastic/silicon to hold mine in place, and also cut it down in length. And you will need two or three cable ties to tidy up the wiring to finish the job.
Other than that, as usual delivery was exceptional, arriving the next working day. So 5 stars to MX5-Parts, but only 4 to K&N. You can’t have 5 until you sort out that crappy bung, however; it did make my son smile, which is pretty hard these days.
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