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K&N Typhoon Intake System, Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5
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K&N Typhoon Intake System, Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5

K&N Typhoon Intake System, Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5

£309.59 inc Vat
by Derek de Reuck
Date Added: Thursday 27 March, 2003
Now are you sitting comfortably children, then I'll begin...

The kit was delivered in the shortest time yet! I've made five orders now with this company and anything in stock turns up within 24 hours, but this was unbelievable. Ordered at 3:30pm Wednesday and the parcel van met me as I arrived at work at 9:05am the next morning (before long I'll be receiving stuff I haven't ordered yet!!!!!).

Usual K&N quality, absolutely outstanding finish. I ordered the silver pipe, which is laquer painted, with the K&N logo painted on. The filter itself is the usual world standard, they just don't come any better than this. The fitting instructions are so comprehensive you'd have to be asleep to make a mistake! Blow by blow photos with arrows and everything, just like a Haines manual, but then I suppose it is for Americans to follow!!

The kit includes blue silicone hoses, much like Samco, and nice alun bolted clips. Took about 30mins to fit, one has to use the existing air mass sensor making sure to fit it the right way round (there's even a little arrow on the side of it). Got it all bolted up, double checked everything and fired up the car. I've had K&N's on cars before, so the usual first impression is a constant hiss on tick over, even with the bonnet down and sitting in the car.

Out on the road the whole plot is instantly more responsive, pulling from tick over with more torque and clearly a steeper power curve. I would estimate that at least 10% more overall performance or more ahs been achieved (one cannot guess numbers, but I would say that if put on a dyno the take up curve would be steeper and smoother). I've coupled mine with magnecor leads, NGK plugs & the IL Motorsport Twin Tail Exhaust. And by far the greatest improvement has been the induction kit.

I've heard the monster flow kit and a neighbour has the piper cross system, both are deep, rorty and bellowy...the K&N kit is totally different. Not the usual sound of an empty airbox or a big sponge filter, but that classic K&N voice. Higher pitched than the others, raspier & giving the distinct sound (if yer old enough to remember) of a Sunbeam Lotus or Lotus Cortina. The sound has a throb to it like the twin webbers used to give. The nearest car I've heard to it was a Caterham. The volume grows with the revs from a nice burrr at 2,000 revs to a spitefully agrresive howl at 6,500 (it's f'ckin awesome).

A class above any other induction kit, full stop. Buy it, fit it an' floor it.
Here endeth the lesson, now do as yer told!

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