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Vinyl Hood, Budget with PVC Window, Mk1
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Vinyl Hood, Budget with PVC Window, Mk1

Vinyl Hood, Budget with PVC Window, Mk1

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Date Added: Monday 10 October, 2005
the hood arrived i think 2 days after i ordered it and was well packaged. it took me probably about 8 to ten hours for the whole job but i had plenty of time and i wasnt going to rush. i used the mazda mx5 workshop manual (available from this site) as a guide and it was very good. The rivets supplied with the roof were the wrong size so i had to buy some new ones, get an assortment of rivets before you start the job - this is vital.

some tips when doing the job yourself:-
*be careful when removing the old roof, dont damage the water seal at the bottom, it is quite brittle.
*bag up and/or label all parts taken off the car, including which side their from.
*you will need some good quality double sided tape - vital.
*take some digital photos when dissasembling the bits - to aid putting them back together, especially the tension cables.
*remove the seats for access.
*take your time and follow the instructions.
*have a friend ready if you nee one

my roof looks great now and doesnt leak, its a really good tight fit and im really happy with it.

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