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Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1
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Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1

Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1

£283.56 inc Vat
by Mark Manning
Date Added: Monday 25 April, 2005
I purchased this hood (in tan) back in Feburary for my 96 Monaco. Usual next day delivery and excellent service from MX5Parts even tho I did not need it until this weekend as I was waiting till I had the offside resprayed to eliminate all those inconsiderate parking dents.

I was not dissapointed when I fitted this hood over the weekend. It really is an excellent product and indistinguishable from the OEM hood costing 3 times the price.

I must admit I started the job with some trepidation having heard how complicated these can be to fit and how I should have purchased the hood with the rain rail attached.

Stop reading this now and place your order. Do not let others put you off !!! Yes you have to be careful as you remove the old rain rail from the car and from the old roof but it is not as fragile as you will have been lead to believe and in fact, in warm conditions, can be quite pliable.

I done my research and found some useful tips with pictures on Miata.net (http://www.miata.net/garage/top/index) and used these as reference material. I also took 20 or so digital photos of the tricky bits prior to starting just in case I forgot where that screw went!!

The rest is history... The product fits like a glove, literallty. A couple of holes need to be adjusted but that was a minor issue. It really was quite a simple job

In all, me and my helpers (Dad and brother in law) took 6 hours to do the job from start to finish.

Now I have a nice new tan (old top was filthy), weatherproof (old roof leaked) hood with a rear window you can see through..... How novel!!

Trust me, buy this roof and save yourself £150 on a rain rail and another £150 on fitting and spend the money on something else for your beloved 5 (or buy a radio controlled helicoptor like I did !!!)

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