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Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1
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Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1

Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1

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by Wayne Smith
Date Added: Thursday 22 September, 2005
Having read that replacing the vinyl was a difficult job best left to someone else, I wasn't looking forward to this...

Ordered hood on a Friday afternoon - it turned up on Monday morning - excellent service.

Monday evening - removed hood assembly from car, and then vinyl from frame.

Tuesday evening - Cleaned up small rusty areas of frame, and sparyed with Smoothrite. Also rubbed back & sprayed the plates that attach the hood to the rain rail - they were very rusty - look like new now. Attached front and one side of new hood to frame.

Wednesday evening - finished fitting new vinyl to frame. Cleaned rain rail, and fitted hood back on car.

All in all this took about 10 hours.

Bought the workshop manual. This was okay, but photos would have been clearer than diagrams - pondering over these took up quite a bit of time.

It's a fiddly job, but it's not beyond average DIYer. The "nightmare" rain rail was easy to deal with - just be gentle.

The new hood looks brilliant, and is an excellent fit - though as reported in other reveiw is quite tight at the moment...

Tools - socket set (incl torx wrenchs), screwdrivers (lrg & sml, flat and philips), pliers, drill and 4mm bit, pop-riveter, torch, double sided sticky tape

Tips - you'll need a large work area - preferably carpeted - you don't want to scratch new hood
- getting the goop off the header from old double sided tape is messy - use gloves and a suitable solvent
- allow extra time for dealing with any corroded bits you find
- temporarily block the drain holes so you don't drop nuts\bolts down them (doh!)
- fitting hood back to car is easier with an assistant

Have fun
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