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Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1
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Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1

Vinyl Hood with PVC Window, Black, Mk1

£283.56 inc Vat
by Nino Meehan
Date Added: Sunday 07 May, 2006
I bought this hood on a sunday night and it arived on tuesday morning - not bad for the norsth of Scotland.

Having read the wirkshop manual to ensure i had all the tool I needed I drove my 93 MK1 into the school workshop and began a step by step dismantling of all the interior components which need to be removed. About 45 minutes into the job i discarded the workshop manual (with the exception of a few reference glances) and got on with the job in earnest.

I needed the help of a friend to remove the hood assembly and replace it again - the rest of the time he was there for company and to make the tea.

Don't beleive what it says in the manual - this job is pretty straightforward if you are familliar with a workshop (If you know what a torque wrench and a pop rivet gun are and own them youre laughing).

I found the job very straightforward and would recomend it to anyone with the 4/5 hours to spare and the confidence to get stuck in.

A few pointers though - If you are removing the old roof because it is nackered - save yourself an hour by hacking it of with a stanley blade *TAKING CARE NOT TO CUT THE TENSIONING CABLE WHICH RUNS ALONG THE TOP ABOVE THE WINDOWS*

Make sure you have a selection on pop rivets of different lenghths and diameters.

When reattaching the rain rail put some small washers on the fastening side of the pop rivets for extra security.

You can never have enough pairs of mole grips.

The one thing which did concern me was that the hood was incerdibly tight to fasten closed - but I expect that this will lossen off as time passes and it get a good soaking.

To check the ability of the new hood to keep out water I took it to the jet wash the next day - not a drop after a very thorough inspection.

This is an excellent product and makes the car look almost new, well worth the time, money and effort in my oppinion.

Buy one and get on with it.

Nino Meehan Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars! [After 20 Reviews]

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