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White Dial Faces, Mazda MX5 Mk1
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White Dial Faces, Mazda MX5 Mk1

White Dial Faces, Mazda MX5 Mk1

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by Tristan Cliffe
Date Added: Tuesday 20 May, 2003
Got these for my birthday. In total took me about 2.5hours, bt I was being very careful and trying to fix a temperamental oil pressure gauge.
The backlighting isn't as good at the OE ones, but thats life!! Changing the bulbs to clean 3W ones might help. You can't change the backlight colour either, as the dials are green on the underside.

Removing dials is easy, a small screw driver on each side of the needle and a gentle pull is all it needs. Don't force it and be careful of side loads.

Removing the old dial face is easy too, as is screwing on the new one. Clean your hands before touching the white dials, and make sure you're dry! Difficult bit is painting the needles - I used red as it looks good. Get all the white of - this is very hard. Get some black card to hold the needle against, so you can see if the white is ALL off. Then paint the thin underside CAREFULLY. Also paint inside the needle head, otherwise, like me, you'll get a irritating glow of white light from within the needle head across the dial. Let them dry, pop them back on and refit to car. If the needles don't line up, you can pop the cover off with the instruments in the car and realign the needles with a spoon or something. And fill the car with fuel BEFORE you start.

Good Luck - it'll be worth it.

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