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Windscreen Wiper Blade, Stainless Steel, All MX5 Models
Windscreen Wiper Blade, Stainless Steel, All MX5 Models
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por Jonathan Girling
Fecha Alta: miércoles 05 diciembre, 2012
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Another product with no instructions. I\'m still trying to figure out how to fit this to my Eunos MK1 ? The plastic clips don\'t seem to fit together and it doesn\'t match up with the hook on my car. So what the hell I\'am i suppose to do with it? It is utterly ridiculous to sell items with no instructions to them. I\'m really ****** off about it so that is why I\'m giving this a 1 star so someone notices.

I did not think this would take me any longer than would be required than to change any other window wiper blades. I\'ve paid for two wiper blades that I cant fit and I\'m sure they would look great if I could put them on. Its about time issues with instructions are dealt with. If any previous customer on here can describe to me how to put these on in a way that is easy to understand I would appreciate it. Thanks

P.S Just to let you know I have no intention of drilling anything because this product was not advertise as that to be the case. I was expecting it just to clip on.

Editors Note: Sorry to hear you have had problems fitting these. Given the huge range of products we sell, writing instructions for all of them takes a very long time, but is a process that we currently have under way. Most of the products we buy do not come with fitting instructions from the suppliers, in the same way a Mazda dealer wouldn\'t supply them with any replacement part they sell.

In the case of these wiper blades, they are designed to be a universal product that will fit many different makes and models of car which is why they come with several different clips. If you go to the product page now, we have added a second large photo that shows which of the supplied clips you need for all MX5 models, and the rest of them can then be thrown away as they are meant for other cars. The blade will then clip into the wiper arm in the same way the original ones did. If you have any further problems with fitting these, or any product for that matter, please feel free to contact our sales team in the first instance at who are always more than happy to help.

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